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Introduction from John Pryor (Managing Director)...

Hydrogold is a professional consultancy experienced in all aspects of water management:
Water Planning - Irrigation - Drainage

You get more than just a design. You get the best design plus our Experience, Loyalty and Supporting Services. As our Client, our advice has your best interests at heart.

We bring to your team, our experience from
* 30+ Years
* 30+ Countries
* 30+ Golf Course Architects
* 300+ Golf Courses
* USD$ 300,000,000+ in irrigation projects

(plus numerous Landscape Irrigation Projects).
This represents USD$ 300,000,000+ of irrigation systems (supply and install at current prices).

Cadsult IDS - Hydrogold Joint Venture

Announcement from John Pryor of Hydrogold...

I am at the stage in my career where I need to slow down but want to remain involved. I have greatly enjoyed the past 30+ years working on 300+ golf courses in 30+ countries with 30+ golf course Architects. I thank you all for those opportunities. To have worked on so many fantastic projects with good people from many different countries and cultures has been a privilege.

So I invite you to continue our journey together with the formation of the "Cadsult IDS - Hydrogold Joint Venture".

Troy Fiscus, the Managing Director of Cadsult IDS is younger, has a wealth of irrigation design experience, particularly in Australia & New Zealand, and has the support of a strong, certified design team. I bring to the team my 30+ years of international experience on 300+ golf courses along with our Water Resources Planning software.
Together we offer you the best of both worlds: 100+ years of combined experience, both Internationally and in Australia along with on-going support from the stability of the Cadsult IDS team.

Cadsult IDS - Hydrogold Joint Venture

Managing Director: Troy Fiscus
Website: https://cadsultids.com.au/
Email: troy@cadsultids.com.au
Australian Mobile: +61 404 029 733
Managing Director: John Pryor
Website: https://www.hydrogold.com/
Email: john@hydrogold.com
Australian Mobile: +61 417 959 769
Our Clients benefit from the combined services of the Cadsult IDS - Hydrogold Joint Venture:
  • Better Designs from the 100+ years of combined experience of the design team.
  • Understanding your needs Internationally and in Australia.
  • Better project outcomes in terms of quality and cost control.
  • On-going support from the design team.

Our Philosophy...

We provide you, our Client, with a reliable, efficient and cost-effective system. We believe our role is to advise you so that your aims are achieved within budget. Our advice provides the base for your final decisions.

Hydrogold is independent of manufacturers, suppliers or contractors. When you employ us, we are looking after your interests.

Our high turnover of CAD (Computer Aided Design) designs keeps our quality high and costs low.


Over the past 25 years, Hydrogold has built a good reputation for quality. Your project benefits from our knowledge gained through involvement in many other projects. Have the confidence of knowing the design will work well.

Utilise Hydrogold's experience rather than experimenting.

Check out our list of
30+ Years - 30+ Countries - 300+ Golf Courses - 30+ Golf Course Architects - USD$ 300,000,000+

Our projects include this
List of impressive Golf Course Architects

As well as many
Landscape Irrigation Projects

Don't forget the basics for any project feasibility, our
Water Planning

And take a look at
Hydrogold's Quality Documentation here

What is the Cost of a Design?

The true cost of poor-quality design is not the up-front fees, but the problems created later in the project.

Red Adair
(Famous Texan Oil Firefighter)
1915 - 2004
"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

To put Hydrogold's Golf Course Irrigation Design Fees in perspective, they are (typically) around 1.5 percent of the cost of supplying and installing the system - say around the cost of 15 sprinklers in a 1,000 sprinkler system. A low price for the comfort of knowing that the system will work well.

In a picture...

Design Staff...

A company is only as good as its people. It is the basis on which we have established our good reputation.

Get to know the
Staff who will be working on your project here

Office Locations - Perth & Singapore...

Hydrogold Pty Ltd originates from Perth in Australia (1987) and (since 1991) includes our office in Singapore (Hydroscapes Pte Ltd).

Australia (Perth)


Web Site: https://www.hydrogold.com/index.html
Email: admin@hydrogold.com

104 Second Ave
Mount Lawley
Western Australia 6050
Tel (+61 8) 6262 8127

Australia (Perth)


Web Site: https://cadsultids.com.au/
Email: troy@cadsultids.com.au

Unit 1, 220 Carr Place
Western Australia 6007
Tel (+61 8) 9227 0977

Lemuria Golf Resort - Seychelles

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