Maxim of Water Management - You need to most when you have the least

Not all projects need a Water Balance Study. Some are fortunately located near a good water source.

However, for most Golf Courses and Resorts, water is not an endless resource...

There is a cost to storing water for the dry season. Perhaps the lake area could have been reduced and the land sold off as real estate. Perhaps the lake is too small and there is not sufficient water for the Golf Course during the dry season. How to strike the Balance?

Hydrogold's mathematical modelling software allows different scenarios to be evaluated to determine the optimum solution at the design phase.

Hydrogold's Water Balance Study
An introduction to the mathematical modelling software.
Helps understand suitable applications for the software. 0.2 MByte
Water Balance Study
Sample study done for the Belle Mare Plage Golf Course in Mauritius. Covered the two 18-hole Golf Courses, a 9-Golf Course, Hotel Development and Sugar Cane Estate.
Shows how the software is applied to determine an optimum solution. 1.0 MByte