Internationally our focus is on golf projects and resorts. In Western Australia, the focus has been on Landscape Irrigation.

Perth's sandy coastal plain with its long (7 months), hot (up to 46 Celsius), dry (about 700 mm rain a year) means that only well designed irrigation systems will keep the plants in good condition. Wind is also a factor.

Town of Cambridge Perth, Australia 38 park designs for the Town of Cambridge as part of the implementation of a 5-year upgrade plan that we started for them in 1996. These parks include sports fields, wooded public picnic areas, rose gardens, botanic gardens and grass parks.
Burswood Park Burswood, Australia Our involvement in this job was to take a totally non-operational irrigation system and make it work without the extensive parkland being closed. We designed and documented new pump stations, a control system, new power and communication cabling and new satellite power supplies. The sprinklers were also changed. The result is a reliable system covering approximately 100 Ha of landscaped area varying from open grass car parks, intensive annual beds, median strips of turf, annuals and natives and car park tree planting.
Northbridge Urban Renewal Northbridge, Australia This 4 year project enhanced the redeveloped areas of Northbridge after the effects of the Freeway Tunnel. This involved extensive streetscapes and public parks.
Central Park Perth, Australia At 51 floors, Perth's tallest building has a complicated parkland and landscape set in the centre of the city surrounded by multi storey buildings in all sides. The project was on several levels and keeping water of glass windows was a priority.
Eastern Gateway Burswood, Australia This system was a multi million dollar project to revitalise the eastern entrance to the City of Perth. It involved detailed and intricate watering of annuals, shrubs and turf in a complex landscape layout. The system is successfully operating. It extends from under the Railway bridge, over the Causeway and along Canning Highway's gardens and medians.
Ellenbrook Village Swan, Australia This irrigation design for the extensive landscaping of the Ellenbrook Village 3 real estate development included the Shire of Swan oval and surrounds. This involved high quality streetscapes with planting beds, turf and native plants plus impact parks and landscapes with sculpture and theme park areas.
Ravenswood Sanctuary Ravenswood, Australia Stage 1 involved irrigation of a 2 kilometre long fully landscaped entry drive, POSs and verge irrigation of a large residential development which will eventually integrate with a golf course (also designed by us).
City of Perth - Riverside Drive and Foreshore Upgrade W.A Perth, Australia Stage 1 of these works to fully redeveloped the irrigation on Riverside Drive and foreshore area of the City of Perth. This involved open grass areas, median featuring annuals and native plants plus feature planting in foreshore grassed areas.
Singapore Turf Club - Race Track and Landscape of Ancillaries Singapore This is the premiere race track in South East Asia and included irrigation of the race tracks, streetscapes and ancillary buildings.
Club Med Bintan, Indonesia The scope of works included a study to determine a water management strategy for this freshwater scarce coastal site. The irrigation system encompassed the entire resort.
Pontiac Marina - Marina Development Singapore This waterfront Hotel development had an extensive irrigation system covering planter boxes, gardens and turf areas set amongst hardscapes that had to be unaffected by overspray.
Luxury Residence Miri, Malaysia This multi million dollar residence set into the side of a hill incorporated extensive landscape irrigation in the grounds, around hardscapes (such as the swimming pool) and also inside the building structures.
Modernland Golf Course Clubhouse Tangerang (Jakarta) - Indonesia This system irrigated the surrounds of the Clubhouse and was integrated with the golf course irrigation system.
Bukit Darmo Golf & Country Club - Entry Drive - Indonesia Approximately 2 km of entry drive irrigation through undulating hills, often with steep embankments on the sides integrated with golf course irrigation system.
Jurong Bird Pard Singapore Irrigation system for bird enclosure
Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore Irrigation system for turf and landscape areas
National Sports Institute Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Soccer and athletics fields irrigation
Pasir Pangang Container Terminal Singapore Landscape irrigation
Sunway Lagoon Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Rain gun irrigation system for forested area
Royal Sentul Golf Course Sentul (Jakarta), Indonesia Entry drive irrigation system